The book of fish korean movie

The Book Of Fish – Korean Movie Review

The Book of Fish (자산어보) is a 2021 South Korean historical black and white film directed by Lee Joon-ik. The film stars Sol Kyung-gu and Byun Yo-han, and is about an exiled Joseon era scholar and a fisherman and their exchange of knowledge in writing a book. The film was theatrically released on March 31, 2021, by Megabox.

About the movie: The Book Of Fish

The film is based on the true story of Jeong Yak-jeon (1758–1816), a Joseon era scholar who was exiled to Heuksando Island during the Catholic Persecution of 1801. While on the island, he wrote a piscine encyclopaedia titled Jasaneobo. The film fictionalizes this story by introducing a young fisherman named Chang-dae, who helps Jeong Yak-jeon with his research.

Plot of the movie

The film begins with Jeong Yak-jeon being exiled to Heuksando Island. He is initially dismayed by his situation, but he soon begins to explore the island and learn about its natural wonders. He meets Chang-dae, a young fisherman who is eager to learn about the world. The two men form a bond, and Jeong Yak-jeon asks Chang-dae to help him with his research for Jasaneobo.

As Jeong Yak-jeon and Chang-dae work together, they learn a great deal about each other and about the natural world. They also learn about the importance of knowledge and understanding. The film culminates in the completion of Jasaneobo, which is a testament to the power of human collaboration.

Success of the movie

The Book of Fish was a critical and commercial success. It was praised for its beautiful cinematography, its sensitive portrayal of the characters, and its thought-provoking message. The film won the Grand Prize at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, and it was also nominated for several other awards.

Who are the movie recommended for

The Book of Fish is a film that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. It is a beautifully made film with a thought-provoking message. It is also a film that is historically accurate, and it provides a glimpse into the life of a Joseon era scholar.

Final verdict of the movie

The Book of Fish is a beautiful, thought-provoking, and historically accurate film. It is a film that will stay with you long after you have seen it. I highly recommend it.

Here are some additional thoughts on the film:

  • The cinematography is stunning. The film is shot in black and white, and the images are incredibly evocative.
  • The acting is superb. Sol Kyung-gu and Byun Yo-han give two of the best performances of their careers.
  • The message of the film is powerful. It is a film about the importance of knowledge, understanding, and collaboration.