Park Min Young looks back at 2023 as a tough year.

Photo credit: Screenshot from MyDramaList.

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On the morning of January 1, an online press conference for the new tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband was held. Director Park Won Gook and actors Park Min YoungNa In WooLee Yi KyungSong Ha Yoon, and Lee Gi Kwang attended the event.

Based on the web novel of the same name, Marry My Husband is a fantasy drama that tells the story of a woman who, after coming to know the affair between her best friend and husband, gets murdered and goes ten years back in time to rewrite her life.

In 2023, Park Min Young was associated with the controversy surrounding her ex-boyfriend. The two later resolved their relationship, and Park Min Young chose Marry My Husband as her comeback project.

Recalling the hardships of 2023, Park Min Young shared, “Actually, it was a year when my physical and mental health suffered. I was wondering if I could do well, but the director helped me out,” expressing her thoughts on returning as an actress.

She continued, “Even though it was a short period of time, I truly regretted and lamented every day. When I underwent a brainwave test at the psychiatric clinic, it showed a red flag due to guilt. Those times actually made me realize what my true profession is, when I am genuinely happy, and that I am pretty and shine when I just act on set like I used to before.”