IU Kicks off the New Year (2024) with a Generous Donation

  • Image Source: mydramalist.com
  • Excerpt from MyDramaList

Singer and actress Lee Ji Eun, better known as IU, began the new year by spreading warmth through a generous donation.

On January 1, her agency EDAM Entertainment reported that IU, under the name of IU-Aena (a combination of IU and her fan club U-Aena), donated 200 million won for heating expenses to four organizations, including the Senior Welfare Center Association, Korea Children’s Welfare Association, Korea Unwed Mothers Association, and Korea Welfare Facility Association for the Disabled, aiming to provide a warmer winter for the vulnerable amid the harsh cold.

IU is known to have been a consistent advocate for donations and fostering a culture of sharing for several years.