Disney Ventures into 2025 Korean Drama Scene with ‘Low Life’ Webtoon Adaptation

Disney is set to bring the Korean webtoon “Low Life” to life as it gears up for production. The story unfolds as valuable treasure surfaces off the Korean coast, attracting a motley crew of treasure hunters aiming to strike it rich. Among them are two members of a troubled crime family, including an uncle torn between mentoring his nephew and leading him astray.

Originally penned by Yoon Tae-ho and published by Kakao from 2014 to 2015, the webtoon draws inspiration from a real-life discovery of a 14th-century Chinese ship off the coast of Shinan, South Korea in 1975. The adaptation, crafted by Kang Yoon-sung and Ahn Seung-hwan, with Kang also at the helm as director, promises to deliver an enthralling narrative.

The star-studded cast includes Ryu Seung Ryong, Yang Se-jong, Lim so-jung, Kim Eui-sung, Kim Sung-oh, Hong Ki-joon, Jang Kwang, Kim Jong-so, Woo Hyun, Lee Dong-hwi, Jung Yun-ho, Lim Hyung-jun, Lee Sang-jin, and Kim Min, adding depth to the characters and storyline.

Production partners SLL, Playgram, Four Entertainment, Heungbu Nebak Cine, and Yworks Entertainment are collaborating with Disney on this project. While the episode count remains undisclosed, the completion of this anticipated work is slated for 2025, with exclusive streaming planned on Disney+ globally and Hulu in the U.S.