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A Business Proposal: Korean Drama Mini Review & Where To Download Free

Are you looking for a funny, heartwarming, and romantic comedy korean drama to watch? If so, then you should definitely check out A Business Proposal. This Korean drama is full of laughs, romance, and heartfelt moments.

Quick Facts About A Business Proposal

  1. Drama Name: A Business Proposal released in 2022
  2. Genres: Main theme is Romance, with some Comedy and Drama.
  3. Other Titles: In-House Confrontation. Confrontation In The Company
  4. Adapted from the web novel “The Office Blind Date”
  5. Number of Episodes; 12 Episodes

A business Proposal Korean Drama Trailer

About the drama

A Business Proposal is a romantic comedy-drama that follows the story of Shin Ha Ri, a food researcher who goes on a blind date with her CEO, Kang Tae Moo, in place of her best friend. Tae Moo is a wealthy and powerful chaebol heir who is known for his cold and aloof personality. However, Ha Ri is unaware of Tae Moo’s identity and pretends to be someone else on the date. The two of them quickly develop feelings for each other, but their relationship is complicated by the fact that they are from different worlds.

Main Cast of A Business Proposal

  1. Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo
  2. Kim Se Jeong as Shin Ha Ri
  3. Kim Min Gue as Cha Sung Hoon
  4. Seol In Ah as Jin Young Seo

Plot of the drama

The plot of A Business Proposal is full of twists and turns, as Ha Ri and Tae Moo try to keep their relationship a secret from their families and friends. There are also a number of side characters who add to the humor and drama of the story. The show is full of classic romantic comedy tropes, but it also manages to be fresh and original.

Success of the drama

A Business Proposal was a huge success in South Korea, and it has also been popular internationally. The show was praised for its humor, chemistry between the leads, and heartwarming story. It was also one of the most-watched dramas on Netflix in 2022.

Who should watch A Business Proposal

  • A Business Proposal is a great choice for fans of romantic comedies. 
  • The show is funny, heartwarming, and full of classic rom-com tropes. 
  • It is also a good choice for people who are looking for a light and easy watch.

Final Verdict

A Business Proposal is a well-made and entertaining drama that is sure to please fans of the genre. The show is full of laughs, romance, and heart. I highly recommend it.

Additional and Final thoughts

I think what makes A Business Proposal so successful is that it is able to balance humor and romance. The show is funny, but it also has a lot of emotional depth. The characters are relatable and likable, and the relationships between them are well-developed. I also appreciate that the show is not afraid to poke fun at itself. There are a number of moments where the show acknowledges its own cheesiness, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Overall, I think A Business Proposal is a great example of a romantic comedy done right. It is funny, heartwarming, and full of great scenes. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good time.

Where to Download or Watch A Business Proposal for free

Download and watch korean drama A Business Proposal on kisassian: https://kissasian.mx/Drama/A-Business-Proposal