The Roundup: Punishment

“The Roundup: Punishment” Breaks Records with 11 Million Moviegoers


  • “The Roundup: Punishment” Success: Surpasses predecessor’s box office record with 11 million moviegoers.
  • Fastest Film of 2024: Achieves 11 million milestone in under 33 days, beating “Exhuma.”
  • Fourth Installment in “The Outlaws” Series: Outperforms third film’s total viewership of 10.68 million.

“The Roundup: Punishment” has exceeded its prequel at the box office by attracting 11 million moviegoers in just over a month.

The Korean Film Council confirmed on May 26 that the film had reached 11,000,085 million viewers, achieving this milestone in less than 33 days since its release on April 24.

This makes it the fastest film of 2024 to reach 11 million viewers, surpassing “Exhuma.” Moreover, as the fourth installment in “The Outlaws” series, it has already surpassed the third film’s total viewership of around 10.68 million.

Source: soompi