20 Best Korean Drama Podcasts for lovers of kdrama and more

20 Best Korean Drama Podcasts for lovers of kdrama and more

If you’re a fan of Korean drama, then this list of 20 Korean drama podcasts will interest you. 

For some of us, sometimes, binge-watching is not enough. Why? 

Because we want to dive deeper into your favorite Korean shows. To understand some of the jokes. To appreciate our characters more. And to learn more about why certain things are so based on the Korean cultural context.  

Of course, we also get spoiler-free reviews, a chance to listen to other Kdrama addicts dissect plot twists with fellow fans,  and obsess over the latest oppas.

This 20 best Korean drama podcasts will help you appreciate Kdramas and more. Let’s go.

1. Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

    • Hosts: Kmuse, Kdrama Jen, Drama Geek, Clkytta, and Karie the Maknae
    • Frequency: 1 episode/week
    • Duration: 52 minutes

The Fangirls unite in “Dramas with a Side of Kimchi” to share their passion for currently airing Korean and other Asian dramas. With entertaining discussions, game sessions, and a welcoming Fangirl Party atmosphere, this podcast promises a fun and engaging experience for every K-drama enthusiast.

2. The KThree | Your Kdrama BFF’s

    • Hosts: Three Los Angeles women
    • Frequency: 5 episodes/quarter
    • Duration: 46 minutes

Join this trio of K-drama BFFs as they sip coffee and passionately discuss their Korean drama obsession. With a laid-back and friendly vibe, “The KThree” offers a delightful Keopi Klatch experience where listeners can feel like they’re catching up with friends.

3. K Drama Chat

    • Hosts: Joanna and Jen
    • Frequency: 1 episode/week
    • Duration: 61 minutes

“K Drama Chat” takes a unique approach by recapping and analyzing one Korean drama each season. With insightful commentary and a deep dive into each episode, this podcast is perfect for those who enjoy a thorough exploration of their favorite shows.

4. Pocha Playlist: Honest KDrama Reviews

    • Hosts: Andy, Brandon, Jenny & Terry
    • Frequency: 3 episodes/month
    • Duration: 55 minutes

For honest and tipsy thoughts on Korean dramas, look no further than “Pocha Playlist.” The hosts bring their unique perspectives to the table every Thursday, making it a refreshing choice for those who appreciate authenticity.

5. K-Drama School

    • Host: Grace Jung
    • Frequency: 1 episode/week
    • Duration: 21 minutes

Comedian, writer, and media scholar Grace Jung hosts “K-Drama School,” providing listeners with weekly analyses of new Korean TV dramas. With a focus on contextualizing each show, this podcast is a quick yet insightful guide for K-drama enthusiasts.

6. AfterNoona Delight: KDrama Dishing and Deep Dives

    • Hosts: A.J Pine, Lia Riley, and Megan Erickson
    • Frequency: 1 episode/week
    • Duration: 80 minutes

Romance authors A.J Pine, Lia Riley, and Megan Erickson bring their love for K-dramas to the table, offering in-depth discussions on plots, tropes, and character development. “AfterNoona Delight” is a must-listen for those who enjoy nerding out on all things K-drama.

7. The AM Podcast: K-Pop & More

    • Hosts: Not specified
    • Frequency: 1 episode/month
    • Duration: 72 minutes

“The AM Podcast” caters to K-pop and K-drama enthusiasts alike, providing the latest updates and discussions on both. Whether you’re a music or drama lover, this podcast promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

8. Dramas Over Flowers

    • Hosts: A transnational triumvirate of Korean drama addicts
    • Frequency: 2 episodes/month
    • Duration: 83 minutes

Hosted by three Women of Colour from different locations, “Dramas Over Flowers” is a podcast for international fans of K-dramas. With diverse perspectives, this podcast offers a unique take on the world of Korean dramas.

9. Play on K

    • Hosts: Emily and Raquel
    • Frequency: 1 episode/week

Two average American citizens, Emily and Raquel, share their critiques of Korean dramas in “Play on K.” Providing an outsider’s perspective, this podcast is perfect for those looking for a fresh take on their favorite shows.

10. Lola Pops Off about KDramas

    • Host: Lola
    • Frequency: 1 episode/day
    • Duration: 71 minutes

Join Lola for daily ramblings and musings about Korean dramas. From the latest airing K-dramas to fun throwbacks, “Lola Pops Off about KDramas” promises a daily dose of K-drama goodness.

11. kdramareports

 From kiss scenes to cultural nuances and K-pop crossovers, “kdramareports” is a bi-weekly podcast that delivers the latest news and reviews in Korean dramas and films. Hosted by [Host Name], this podcast keeps fans well-informed and entertained with its engaging discussions.

  • Frequency: 1 episode/week
  • Average Length: 26 minutes

This podcast is a go-to source for those looking to stay updated on the hottest happenings in the K-drama world. From insightful reviews to juicy gossip, “kdramareports” is the perfect blend of information and entertainment.

12. K-Drama My Eyes Out

  • Hosts: Judy, Linda, and Teresa
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In “K-Drama My Eyes Out,” hosts Judy, Linda, and Teresa share their experiences picking and watching recent Korean dramas. Whether they’re gushing about a captivating storyline or ranting about unexpected plot twists, their discussions provide a relatable and entertaining experience for fellow K-drama enthusiasts.

  • Frequency: 2 episodes/month
  • Average Length: 75 minutes

If you’re a fan of genuine, unfiltered reactions to K-dramas, this podcast offers a refreshing take. The hosts’ chemistry and dynamic discussions make “K-Drama My Eyes Out” a must-listen for anyone seeking an authentic and enjoyable podcast.

13. Korean Drama Podcast

  • Host: Will Cho

“Korean Drama Podcast” welcomes listeners to a rewatch journey of K-dramas, hosted by and for people who may not traditionally watch Korean dramas. Will Cho guides listeners through the intricacies of each drama, making it accessible for both newcomers and seasoned K-drama fans.

  • Frequency: Not specified
  • Average Length: Not specified

This podcast caters to a diverse audience, breaking down the barriers for those unfamiliar with K-dramas. Will Cho’s hosting style creates an inclusive atmosphere, making it easy for everyone to join in on the K-drama fun.

14. Daebak! A Kdrama Podcast

  • Description: “Daebak! A Kdrama Podcast” takes listeners on a deep dive into classic K-dramas that have left a lasting impact on fans worldwide. Whether you’re crazy for “Coffee Prince” or in love with “My Love from the Star,” this podcast explores the timeless allure of beloved K-dramas.
  • Frequency: Not specified
  • Average Length: Not specified

For those who want to reminisce about the golden era of K-dramas or discover timeless classics, “Daebak!” promises an enriching journey through the shows that have shaped the landscape of Korean dramas.

15. Kchat Jjigae Podcast

“Kchat Jjigae Podcast” is a podcast designed to help fans cope with their raging Kdrama addiction. The hosts cover a range of topics, ensuring fangirls and fanboys never have to spazz alone. From general discussions to specific drama reviews, this podcast caters to diverse K-drama tastes.

  • Frequency: Not specified
  • Average Length: Not specified

16. SEOULMATES: A KDrama Podcast For The People

  • Hosts: Kim and Maddie

“SEOULMATES” is your go-to podcast for deep dives into K-dramas. Kim and Maddie share their latest binge-worthy shows, offering insights, reviews, and a vibrant discussion on what makes each drama a must-watch. Tune in for an enthusiastic exploration of the K-drama universe with these passionate Seoulmates.

  • Frequency: Not specified
  • Average Length: Not specified

With Kim and Maddie as your guides, “SEOULMATES” promises an immersive experience into the heart of K-dramas, making it an essential listen for fans seeking thoughtful analysis and genuine enthusiasm.

17. Crash Landed on KDramas

Join four passionate gals as they take you on a journey through the fascinating world of KDramas. From sharing what hooked them to discussing moments that left them wanting more, “Crash Landed on KDramas” is an immersive and entertaining exploration of Korean dramas. Get ready for lively discussions and relatable experiences in the world of KDramas.

  • Frequency: Not specified
  • Average Length: Not specified

With a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, this podcast is perfect for fans who love to dissect every aspect of their favorite KDramas with fellow enthusiasts.

18. Dramatized: A K-Drama Podcast

Join two twenty-something white girls as they provide the ‘unheard’ perspective on K-Dramas. From cracking jokes to swooning over back hugs, and learning some more, “Dramatized” is a light-hearted and entertaining podcast that brings a fresh take to the K-drama scene. Get ready for a dose of humor and insightful commentary.

  • Frequency: Not specified
  • Average Length: Not specified

Offering a unique blend of humor and insightful analysis, “Dramatized” caters to those who appreciate a lighthearted yet informed discussion on the dramas they adore.

19. K-Drama Feuilleton

  • Hosts: Max (current Ph.D. in Korean Studies)

“K-Drama Feuilleton” takes a leftie politics and historical-societal perspective to discuss and review K-Dramas. Max, with their academic background, offers a thoughtful examination of the cultural and political aspects within Korean dramas, creating a podcast that combines entertainment with insightful analysis.

  • Frequency: 1 episode/year
  • Average Length: 59 minutes

For those looking for a more academic take on K-dramas, “K-Drama Feuilleton” provides a unique lens that explores the societal and political themes embedded in the narratives.

20. Oh K Drama

  • Description: Two friends break down and recap episodes of Korean dramas in “Oh K Drama.” Offering a casual and relatable approach, this podcast is perfect for fans who enjoy laid-back discussions and humorous recaps of their favorite shows.
  • Location: United States
  • Frequency: Not specified

“Oh K Drama” provides a friendly space for listeners to join two friends in their journey through various K-dramas, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a fun and easygoing podcast.